CEO of “Roskosmos” Dmitriy Rogozin wants more money

I’m triggered.

Apparently, after so many failures of “Roskosmos”, what Mr. Rogozin asks for is “at least” 1 trillion rubles (~$60 billion) to prop-up his failures. He talks about the wonderful prospects of the “Zeus” space-tug, which is apparently is low on the budget. How come he launched a major project that doesn’t have enough fund to succeed, he didn’t explained. That happens while Russia still can’t successfully launch its military spy satellites, without them burning at reentry in atmosphere just a few weeks after the launch.

Mr. Rogozin recon that all that foreign monetary reserves that was frozen in the West gives a good excuse to “print mote money” and give it to him. He is loosing the ISS while he has nothing to replace it with. He cries that Russia has only 160 military satellites in orbit, while it needs 1,000. Well, whos fault is it? He looses rocket launchers because a worker forced the connector the wrong way. Hysterical American astronaut is drilling his segment of the ISS because she broke the toilet, but he keeps silent, keeping the world believing it was some Russki crazy talk. His probes crashing on Mars’ moon, and his national electronics industry just can’t manage to stand up, after so many years and billions of dollars thrown at his corporation. And now, the most important thing he can think of, apparently, is the very long-term giga-project of dubious practical benefits: the “Zeus” space-tug. What does he want to tug in space, failed satellites launched by his failed corporation, which employs 180,000 workers?

Mr. Rogozin should be donated to DARPA or NASA — this should achieve the most positive outcome for the Russian space programs. And the same should be done with the people who keep him at his current job. If the West rewards failure with promotion, then these gentlemen would surely succeed and blossom on the fields of “printed money”.

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