Iranian Drones and the Mainstream Media — Spinning to the Point of Vertigo

It’s more a filler article, since I didn’t post anything for some time. The reason being nothing is really happening. Nothing of note, that is. Ukraine is still sacrificing its population on the altar of western Russophobia, Russia is still not ready to accept how much rotten its bureaucratic machine is, especially the Ministry of Defense, the Europe is still rolling down the slope of economic collapse and consequent civil mayhem, and the US is still pushing the world to the brink of apocalypse.

Meantime, Reuters is demonstrating again how white could be spined into black by withholding just two words:

Iran will not remain indifferent if proven Russia using its drones in Ukraine – official

So, the header is apparently telling us that Iran does supply drones to Russia, but on the condition that it won’t be used in Ukraine. This is the only way to read it. Because if Iran wasn’t supplying drones to Russia, it wouldn’t be possible for Russia to use it against Ukraine, and this statement would be nonsensical. Also, after acknowledging implicitly that it is supplying drones to Russia, the header apparently reads as if Iran doesn’t know that the supplied drones are intended to be used in Ukraine, or that it had a hard requirement for Russia not to do so.

In the body of the article, we finally read the real Iranian statement:

“If it is proven to us that Iranian drones are being used in the Ukraine war against people, we should not remain indifferent,” state media cited Hossein Amirabdollahian as saying.

So, in reality the Iranian official said that the Iranian drones shouldn’t be used against people, i.e., against non-military targets, which would be a war crime, of course. Here we learn that not only Iran is acknowledging that it supplies drones to Russia, but it also knows very well that those drones are intended to be used in Ukraine. That being said, if it will be proven that Russia is using those drones against non-military targets, such as kindergartens etc., it won’t be happy about it. It most probably wouldn’t do anything about it, but it won’t be happy. Diplomatically speaking.

So, I don’t know about you, but my head is spinning. And this manipulation by what is supposed to be fair and balanced international news agency is so obvious, that it hardly makes any sense. It’s like they lie, and they know that the critically thinking readers know they lie, and still they don’t care. It became a farce, such as only the most indoctrinated or stupid people can still believe they get the real news from the mainstream media.

In fact, this is so incompetent and/or dismissive of the target audience, that it reminds me of Russian government and MoD in that particular aspect. Is there not a place in the world for normal people to live and be governed by the normal government? I’m not asking for ideal government and society, but just a bit of common sense, that’s all. If there would be such a place, I would really want to move there.

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