Russo-Ukrainian War Updates

The totally detached, Dove of Peace president Simpleton Simpletonovich Rasputin announced a unilateral ceasefire during the Russian Orthodox Christmas on 6-8 of January. This grand gesture comes then the US and Germany announcing supplies of infantry combat vehicles, the Marder and the M1 Bradley to the UA, as well as second Patriot battery, this time from Germany. France also announced it will provide AMX-10RC light tanks. This is a clear escalation from the West which until now only supplied Western armored personnel carriers while the heavy armor supplied was of Soviet designs. There is also discussion about supplying UA with Western designed tanks (i.e. M1 Abrams, Leopard-2 etc.). The Bradley vehicles will come from the new US military assistance of $2.85B, being allocated for UA, it seems.

Turkey’s Erdogan, the new best friend of Russian president, supplied 50 armored vehicles to UA. He also gave support for the unilateral ceasefire decreed by Rasputin. As saying goes: with such friends, who needs enemies? And I would say: with such president, who needs enemies?

Expectedly, Ukraine denounced any ceasefires, the West used it to make fun of Rasputin, and the Russians are angry, knowing this “initiative” will only lead to more dead soldiers and civilians. Speaking of which, another HIMARS strike in Zaporozhye hit an apartment building leaving 6 civilians killed and around 30 heavily wounded.

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