Commentary on Alexander Mercouris Latest Video: Tanks for UA, US Wasn’t Ready for Proxy War

Alexander’s video is here. I want to address two points which l noted in the header: firstly, the Western major nations of “hot potato” with tanks, and secondly, the seemingly total unpreparedness of the US ruling elites for their proxy war against Russia.

Regarding the tanks, things are not entirely clear. Will start with the US first, since it possesses the largest main battle tank fleet in the West, by far. The Pentagon is seemed to be very much against the transfer of their M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. While I’ve touched on the possible practical reasons for this previously, namely the value of those tanks as well the difficulty to replace them with newly built ones quick enough, there is also a psychological aspect here.

Main battle tanks are the Ground Forces tip of the spearhead in any high-intensity conflict. As such, soldiers need to believe their tanks are the best. As they provide most protection of any other piece of military hardware, they intended to get hit and survive. If crew members believe they will be burnt alive or blown up to indistinguishable pieces, they will do anything to avoid the combat. They will report technical issues preventing them from taking part in fighting or avoid aggressive attacks on well defended positions. It is probably not something a politician who never served in ground force can appreciate, but every army, especially if it uses domestically produced tanks, has a mythos of their tanks being the most protected. Actually, maybe the most tank battles experienced in last generation nation, Israel, still produces its own tanks. It is for the purpose of creating the most protected tank. Not the one with the most firepower, or the one with best mobility, but the one most protected.

The truth is all tanks are vulnerable. As such, any photos of burning Western tanks would have a demoralizing effect on the armies using them. That is probably why the Western armies, especially the tank producers, are so hesitant to send their own tank to Ukraine. The US officials suddenly become aware of the difficulties of operating modern military hardware. Suddenly, the “jet engine” equipped M1 Abrams is too complicated for Ukrainians to use. The same Ukraine that in Soviet times produced thousands of gas turbine powered T-80’s, and was until the start of the war one of the relatively few world producers of modern jet engines. This is obviously just an excuse not to send US main battle tanks to Ukraine. Similarly, Germany, the produces of Leopard-2 tanks, is set against providing, or even allowing third countries to provide their Leopard-2 to the battle zone. And Uncle Sam gave a good excuse not to do so — Germany is only willing to allow German tanks in to take part in the war if US will also do so. It has no practical logic what-so-even, except for the desire not to suffer alone the negative consequences of its tanks shown to the whole world blown to pieces by Russians. And the France is now saying it is willing to supply their Leclerc main battle tanks, but not to UA. They are willing to supply it to the countries, operating Leopard-2, which will be willing to supply those Leopards to Ukraine. So, France is willing to do its part in tank donation extravaganza, as long as the tanks that will actually get destroyed will be German ones. The tank saga is becoming to be a theater of absurd, with NATO partners trying to push others to make the hard sacrifices.

This brings me to the second point. Namely, the apparent total unreadiness of the US government which initialized this war, to fight it effectively. The lack of ammunition in sufficient numbers for this kind of war, as well as in weapons supplied to UA, is translated into the notion that US didn’t make any serious attempts to prepare for this proxy war against Russia. And as a result, the US (as the rest of the NATO members), are now buying old junk all other the world just to supply something to UA, so it would be able to continue to fight. And as time goes on, the stocks are being depleted, and the production capacities are far from adequate.

All I can say is that Biden Administration never seriously intended for Ukraine to win this war. It was supposed to serve as a sacrificial lamb in order to isolate Russia politically in the world, and justify sanctions that should had crippled its economy, leading to civil unrest and regime change. Before the start of the war, the only serious conversation was about what will Russia do after its victory. It was expected it to put a “marionette government”, after which the West could say “we told you so”, and push overs away from Russia and into NATO or EU or whatever. This was expected to happen weeks, at most months, after the start of the war. And it was also what the Russian military planners believed. The Kiev offensive was intended to scare the Ukrainians into overthrowing the current government. Instead, Russian troops met with an unexpected resistance and hatred. While the Russian troops were surrendering, expecting to be released soon enough then the Kiev will capitulate, they there tortured and executed by nationalists of the worst kind. All opposition in Ukraine was quickly suppressed, all media taken under the government control, and the rule of terror and propaganda begun. At the same time, Russian forces, turned paper tiger under the patronage of Rasputin’s right hand civilian Minister of Defense, started to implode. Hardly anyone expected this (I disregard people with no capacity for critical thinking, for the are still believe in what mainstream media is feeding them).

As a result of all this, Ukraine didn’t fall, and the West was obliged to feed its money and weapons because of pressure of the narrative of its own creation. Now UA can’t be abandoned and written off, since it was made to be a David, fighting the Goliath for the sake and education of the “Free Democracies”. So, US didn’t have any reason to plan for serious proxy war against Russia. It intended to sacrifice UA all along, bleeding Russia in the process, and making it a political pariah, expanding the US hegemony into the rest of the post-Soviet borders and tightly encircling China.


By the way, recently Uncle Sam has jumped to the next stage of its plan to neutralize China, without finishing what it started in UA. US is now waging a microprocessor war against China, by preventing Western companies from buying Chinese microchips, while also preventing Western and pro-Western Asian microchip producers from supplying Chinese industry. In parallel, the West is starting to relocate its high-tech production from China to third countries, and also trying to move microchip production facilities from Taiwan into US. This is the real hybrid war, the West talked about so much with regard to Russian intervention in Ukraine in 2014. But unlike Russia, China isn’t hated in Europe, or at least not as much. It the war against rising China, US enlist Asian nations to play the same role as the European countries played against Russia.


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