State-Sponsored Terror Bombing in Sankt Petersburg

While the world powers leaders are busy normalizing the war, openly talking about measures and plans to sustain it for years to come, one thing seems like an exception of this “new normal”. Namely, the terrorist bombing of the cafe in Sankt Petersburg.

I talked much about the lack of qualities needed for a national leader in the current tsaryok (little tsar) occupying the Kremlin. What he and his buddies lack on the national scale, they have in abundances on the personal scale — the law- and morals-breaching loyalty to the members of their club.

Because of it, the bombing in Sankt Petersburg may actually have a much larger impact on the Kremlin residents, the core of whom came to Moscow from that city. As we know, it is also a birth-city of the Simpleton Simpletonovich Rasputin himself.

Which potentially may make this tragedy to be felt on a personal level by him. No matter how detached he grew to be from the public he came from, it still has to invoke some deeply rooted emotions. And his buddies’ connection to the city may amplify this emotion farther, after some meetings on the matter being held.

If so, it is possible this will also invoke a reaction stronger than what we seen before. The usual “sparing strikes” may become less sparing this time around. We will have to wait and see. On my part, I would welcome any development what could break this vicious cycle of indifference of the leadership towards the suffering of their own people. Even though up until now nothing succeeded in achieving it.

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