RU-UA War Updates in News (2023-05-19)

The hyped “spring offensive” that, according to UA and atlantists, should bring great military achievements against Russian military, has already started to fail to the point of mild panic in UA and the West.


The most entertaining news come from the White House, what suddenly “discovered” is has been calculating the value of weapon supplies to UA in the wrong way. Already as much as $3B of previous supplies has been written-off. This is in order to allow Biden to continue providing military aid to UA during the ongoing US debt and spending crisis.

As I’ve talked many months ago, the US scheme of weapon supplies was a good one. They supplied expired or nearly expired weapons to UA for the cost of new ones. So, not only they got cheap disposal of dangerous materials, they also gave the Pentagon and the MIC (and those two are closely related) the additional budget to buy new “toys”. This was great deal for US military and military industry — money “created” from the thin air. Naturally, the Pentagon should have been all happy to turn great number of junk into assets.

An additional bonus of that scheme was that US can show-off their support for UA. “Look here”, they were telling Ukrainians and Europeans, “we spent so-and-so billion dollars on UA — you should appreciate the level of our commitment”.

But after the national debt crisis, possibly exacerbated by the now famous “30 Patriot missiles wasted in 2 minutes” video, the White House’s ability to throw billions at UA is becoming politically restricted. Now, the way out of this restriction was found by admitting “accounting mistake” in price evaluation of the supplied weapons. Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone noticed that old junk (or near junk) from 2000’s was evaluated as much as a new order for the same weapons put to MIC in 2022-23.

It is impossible to make such mistake. This was obviously not a bug but a feature, that the White House is now rolling back. They do it in order to supply more weapons in the near term, but this will also put Pentagon in a bad mood. They were promised “free” money for their junk, and now this promise is retracted. To replenish the melting stocks Pentagon would need to rely more on its official budget, instead of the compensation that came from outside of their budged. Only to some degree, but a few billions less here and there in an economic and political climate when the budget is expected to get tighter, surely won’t make the generals (and their patrons in the MIC) very happy.

Thus, the White House has now stepped on some feet in the Pentagon/MIC with this “accounting error discovery”.


The UA’s ambassador to UK talks some truly unthinkable things.

First of all, he calls Russians “brothers and sisters”. Not “orcs” that should be exterminated or at the very least sterilized, tortured and humiliated in best traditions of SS (the ideologic founders of modern Ukrainian ideology), ISIS, drug cartels and such. This is heresy. He should be shot by the SBU or the Nazis and his family terrorized. Obviously, he is Putin’s agent.

Moreover, he talks about “killed and lost” that UA’s government is know about but won’t admit to its people. Previously their concerned themselves with only Russian losses (which, by their words were many times higher).

He talks about a heavy price Ukrainians would have to pay for the political benefit of the current White House occupants. What is happening here? UA”s official practically admits his government will sacrifice a great number of his people for the sake of US government getting few PR points.

And finally, he says the ammo stocks, earmarked for the “great spring offensive” has already run out, and suddenly and out-of-nowhere UA now needs western fighter jets to succeed in said offensive.

It is hard to believe so much reasonable things are being started to be told by UA’s officials almost 1.5 years into the war. Naturally, all of this was always true, even before the war started. Yet anyone saying these things was considered traitor. And I’m sure atlantists are not happy, seeing how were are still plenty of Ukrainians to keep bleeding Russia. Maybe next the realilzation will come that for those atlantist there is no difference between Russians or Ukrainains or Poles. They are all Slavs.

In English language Slav is an origin of the world “slave” — and the atlantists views reflect this etymology. In fact, other Slaves don’t matter at all — only Russians matter, since they are able to oppose the atlantists and their global-reaching schemes. Any Slavic nation and government that is helping to fight Russia, is digging their own grave. Yugoslavia is a great example: they will totally submit to any distorted whim of atlantists, or they would be beaten into submission. And no other country except Russia would or could protect them against that fate. Yet now those Slavic countries (except for Serbia and Belarus) are doing everything they possibly can to weaken and alienate Russian, their “brothers and sisters”, using the words of the UA’s ambassador to UK. I guess they are still sour about Russia not letting them be subjugated by Turks and Germans in previous centuries. Maybe Nords got it right — that kind of mentality is indeed feels like that of slaves. Naturally, the first prize still goes to Ukrainians, who allowed themselves to be manipulated into actually doing the job atlantists are afraid to do themselves.


Peace initiatives are a new, hot topic in connection to the atlantists’ war against Russia. Now, the Chinese are taking the front row as a best candidate for the “diplomatic solution”. Some Chinese diplomat said that there is no military solution to this problem. Indeed there is. The same as with the Taiwan issue, for which Chinese are diligently building their military. Many times the military solution is the only one. Unless you are weaker than your opponent – then you should try to refrain from fighting.

It is clear now Chinese aren’t true allies to Russia. I could hardly blame them, seeing the weakness, corruption and stupidity of Russian government. There is no point for Chinese to back up Russia if it’s weak. In opposite, strong Russia is not something Chinese should aspire for. They only need Russia to hold the NATO back and to continue to provide cheap natural resources for the Chinese industry. Chinese domination on Russian market will also be a nice bonus. In other words, Chinese want the same status that EU had before the war. And they even won’t push their values. They might think its a good deal.

And it seems Rasputin’s government thinks the same. Obviously, Chinese “peace” initiative wouldn’t have started without prior consultations with Russians and their blessing. As many suspect (including myself), Rasputin’s government would prefer a “diplomatic solution” harmful to Russia interests if only it would stop the brewing internal discontent. Actually doing their job like creating a strong armed forces or rebuilding its industry etc. is just too impossible task for that bunch — all they know is sucking the blood of their people and the natural resources of their country.

If Chinese were true allies, they would concern themselves with what is better for Russia, and not what’s better for Rasputin and his buddies. And “diplomatic solution” would be the akin to losing this war. The only favorable conclusion could be a decisive victory and pushing the Russian-controlled borders up to Poland. Any other outcome will create fertile ground for regime change with unpredictable outcome. Much the same as letting Taiwan go “free” (i.e. under full atlantists control) will collapse the current Chinese regime. For China there is only one viable option — reunification. Either willingly or by force. There is no middle ground that Xi and his government would accept. As Taiwanese broke the status quo under the influence of atlantists, so exactly did Ukrainians. After that there is possibility for a diplomatic solution with a side that plays by the “zero sum” rules at your borders.


The Roskosmos, the Russian space agency, is still undecided about the fate of the international space station. Even after Rogozin gone, it can’t detach itself from the project that benefit the West much more than it benefits Russia. The same approach could be seen all over — Russia still supplies natural gas and crude oil to UA and its puppeteers, still tries to please the openly hostile Turkey, still put its money reserves abroad, etc.

Especially now that not only any cooperation with the West is allowed to continue only if it benefits the West, but also Russia needs to put all of it energy in restoring its military and domestic industry.


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